What do you want to do in the verse!

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So I finally decided to evaluate my survey. While doing this I had a lot of fun and decided to make more of these. I still have to find a way to get more people to participate. Don’t get me wrong 68 people is very great, but most of them are from Reddit and I’m not really sure that I want to publish my next survey there too.

The problem is that I asked the moderator if I’m allowed to post my survey three times to reach more people, but instead of an answer my post got just removed. It’s okay to remove my post if it doesn’t fits the rules of a subreddit (but I’m still not sure which one I violated), but it would be nice to get a message that I did something wrong. It needed another Reddit user to tell me that my post was removed because I wasn’t able to see it myself.

But back to topic:

Most of the people participated, pledged since 2013, which isn’t very surprising to me because the closer you are to the point your interest in a topic started, the more you want to know about it and the more post on Reddit or spectrum you will see.

Second the core Question: What do you want to do? I’m sorry for all of you that gave their own answer because I merged you into the rest. It still looks really messy but if I would take a single piece in this cake for every answer the colors wouldn’t be differentiable.
It really surprised me how many people wanted to do research and industrial jobs even if you take to account that that are far more generic terms than “Fighter Pilot” for example. Originally I thought that they would perform weaker which is one of my reasons why I used so generic terms.

I also put other groups into more generic versions together to have a better overview. It shows us that the military is the second weakest of the areas. Maybe that was clear for everyone but me because I had a bias (I’m part of a PMC).

I really like that the Research and Exploring area is one of the biggest. I’m a real fan of Science and would love if some of the governments use this chart as an example for their next budget. I mean 30 Percent for Research, Exploring and Teaching? By the way, I really want to see Universities on Terra. I want to walk through the halls of wisdom in this space sim. Maybe with statues of great minds that developed the QD or JD.

My last chart is about the roles inside a multi-crew ship: I made this because personally, I would love to be the captain of a capital ship (As you can see I’m not alone with this). But It’s really nice to see that overall the roles I presented to choose from are evenly distributed. I think that the other ones would have greater numbers if I had thought of them bevor.

The only exception would be the diplomat, which, I guess, will only be needed to communicate between organisations, but I hope that that will be as complex and important as in EVE online.

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See you in the verse