How to breach a room

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On Sunday I played my second time with BSI. and while on the day before it really was a game, this time it was training. At first, we were only two players and the trainer, so he decided we should start by train how to walk together.

But why? The one thing that differenciate military tactics in video games from the real world is perception. Their are a lot of information a player does not get at a few that he gets as compensation. For example: You can’t feel the hand of other player characters on your shoulder or smell it, when someone starts a fire. But you have a HUD which says how much ammo you got left and it’s way easyer to decide where the steps are coming from.

So we three walked around the map and killed everybody we met. Only one time we were killed when I remember correctly. But that is not really great because the most of our fights where 3 on 1. We also lost every round, which isn’t very surprising either. We had by far the better K/D but because of movement, we were never able to hold more than one of the 4 Points.

After 3 rounds decided the game to stop us. two of us spawned without weapons which was not exactly improving our gameplay.

We decided to join the PU to play the rest of the training. By now two more decided to join us but one of them was at Lorville. His game managed to crash midflight so he needed nearly 20 minutes to join us.

But that wasn’t that bad because most of it was theory. We stayed at Port Ollisar and breached different rooms on the station. We learnd what military does, what MilSim games like ARMA and SQUAD can use from it and how you can use it in Star Citizen. We also learned another difference to the real live: Players don’t want it boring. Soldiers like it boring. Boring means save and save means you won’t die.

But in a game boring just means boring. The most player play to have fun and so you can trick them by showing some action. Most of the player just stop checking their area correctly as soon as their hear shots in another corner of the room.

After we finished the training we were around 6 to 7 people and talked about the game itself. We walked from the differences in the game and real life to the problems the organisations will face as the game goes to Beta as well the different roles you can play in BSI.

I think I will make a survey what roles interest the other players.

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See you in the verse