My first Training with BSI

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The BSI (Black Star Initiative) has fly together every Saturday. This is the main reason I applied to join them. And today was the first time I was able to participate. We played a nice round king of the hill on a space station and each team had to fight against the enemy, random players and the technical issues of Star Citizen itself.

At the start our competitors lost his transport to a random that shot him over Port Ollisar. We on the other hand needed to figure out how to have everybody in the squad without a game crashing. But after some time we started.

I had no idea what I should do, because I never played Star Citizen in a team bevor. So I asked the leader of the fly together what I have to do. And after missing the accept Button because of my German keyboard, I got into my squad and took my seat on the Cutlass.

We quantum-traveled (can I use that as a verb?) to the space station and rushed in there. We where the first to arrive and secured the area. Again I wasn’t the big help because I was mainly confused und my platoon leader needed to escort me to my position. But after that I did exactly what I was told. I didn’t moved until he came back to escort me to another position. It was kind of embarissing, but he didn’t complained, neither did someone else.

At my new position, I got shot right away, like my teammates, because we where rushed from two sides. But we gladly got to respaw onces. Our pilot waited at Port Ollisar and we quantum-traveled (I use that as a verb know) back to the war field.

In that time the rest of our team cleared two of the floors and gave us a save entry to the station. But right as we entered, I got a new problem: I lost all my team markers and nearly shot one of my mates. After that I followed that guy like a dog and only shot if he shot. To be honest I never shot after that but our enemies had another problem for their own: Their pilot crashed their ship and half of their team died without even got to use their second attack.

But beside I did nothing most of the time I had fun. I really like those MilSim like actions and I’m really glad to found a group that takes them that seriosly without hating me for beeing lliterally moving target. And as a bonus, they had a debrefing after the game in which the platoon leader took all the credit for everything that got wrong. and highligted enemys and teammates that performed well.

Tomorrow will be a military training for Marines, in which I will participate to get myself in a state, where I can be at least called useful.

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See you in the verse