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As soon as I saw the trailer for Squadron 42, I knew I want one of those UEE Uniforms. And I thought about how they may get into the game.

My first idea was Squadron 42 itself. In this game, you’re in the UEE military. That means you have a Uniform and maybe you get it in the persistent universe too. As far as I know, you get ships in the PU as long as you reach a certain point in Squadron 42. Why not the uniform too? It would help you way less in the game than an expensive fighter.

But it could be a cool way to show how far you got in the singleplayer. I mean in the campaign you are the hero. I bet there are multiple occasions where you get to be the hero and earn a medal for it. and in the PU you’re able to present them.

Also, there should be the ability to do extraordinary things in the PU, for which you can get more medals. They told about the possibility, that you’re biggest achievement get a place on the gravestone of your character if he finally decides to leave the verse for good.

Why do we need to wait until our character uses one of a million ways to die in the deep space to show off with his archivements.

Another way to get medals would be to get simple achievements, like earning your first million UEC, shoot 100 pirates or turn 50 criminals in. Those are not as good achievement as the special ones I talked bevor but they are the achievement.

We could have them as bronze medals, the ones from SQ42 as silver medals and the special ones from the PU as golden ones, because they are connected to rare events that cannot achieved by planing it.

Another way to get uniforms in the game are the cooperations. It would be very nice to have tha ability to create a color based presence to represent your cooperation. Not only military uniforms. You should be able to set your cooperation logo and colors on the outside of your spacecraft so you’re able to recognise it by just looking at it. I also would like to name ships, but thats another topic.

It would be nice to see a uniformed team on a luxury starliner to represent the high standards of the cooperation or to look at someones player to see which cooperation he represents and which rang he has in it. CIG already has a ranking system represented by stars on the website. It would be possible to choose from different stripes and stars on the uniform, which fit to the rank of the wearer in the cooperation.

But there has to be restrictions. In every game that had clans, cooperations or somethings like that. There where hunderts of clans containing only one or two people. And it would be a colorfull mess when everyone creates his own uniforms.

But I can’t set this limits. Can you create your own cooperated identity when you have 10 members?20?50? or maybe you need to have at least 1 million in cooperated bank accounts or have to exist for at least one year. Maybe a mix of all of it.

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See you in the verse