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So this is probably the most useless part of this blog. To be honest: I watch Around the verse, just to write down what they said with a little bit of opinion and then post it. But you could also watch the video yourself. To read it yourself is way more exhausting then let it told you from two people in a video. But my news section was so empty that I just needed to put there something.

They try to make the movement of NPC player as realistic as possible. They mainly talked about the ability of the AI to prevent themself from running into other things like Players. Thy want the NPC to avoid collitions in a way that looks as natural as possible.

I really like that because when the NPC’s look that naturally, other players that enter a big ship maybe can’t check which enemys are players and which are computer controlled, because it will be more important to take down the real players.

But there comes another Problem: Player doesn’t walk naturally. I can recognize a Player in any game because of two things: They either stand still, because they are AFK / in the menu, or they run around. No player walks. In real life, we don’t run all the time because it’s too exhausting. But pressing shift while pressing W isn’t exhausting at all (except if you have that small hands that you need to press them separately but that often in one second that the computer still thinks its one single click).

Okay Star Citizen made there some good things to solve this thing with the heart rate and the Problem that a high heart rate needs more oxygen. I would love to see a Javelin or an Idris, that Live support system is damaged so the players are forbidden by the captain to run because they need as much air as possible to make it to the next.

I guess they want the NPC to walk as normal as possible to popularise the big cities like Lorville or Levsky with people to have a more immersive experience.

Next Point: object container streaming. They talked not much about it, but here is what it is:

An Object is an abstract term for anything in an object orientated programming language. It took me a few weeks to fully understand the concept of OOP and I’m not able to explain it to you in this short blog. But there are several good videos and websites that explain it to you. But basically everything is an object with given parameters. For example: Port Ollisar is an object with size, it’s position in space, and graphic models for rendering as well many other things, including the area within, the landing pads and the attribute, to be a not armistice zone.

A Container is a pack of objects. in our example, it would be port ollisar, with all NPC and players inside and all the ships on the pads. Often there are containers in containers so I could guess that player are containers too, containing themself with their suits, weapons and ammunition.

Now object container streaming is the part where the server tells you all information about these objects, that you need to know. They specifically, that the quantum drive is used to load the containers of themselves target destinations. because of that, you need time to stop the drive mid-flight. The ship needs to know if there are other ships in the area that you should be able to see.

The last thing they talked about, was the new VFX effects for geysers and damaged thrusters. I don’t want to talk about them because they are visual effects and you should see them rather than reading about them. But in my opinion they look very well.

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See you in the verse