The thing about development

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The first thing every of my professors related to software engeneering said, was: “If you add a programmer to an already delayed project it delays it more”. This is known as Brooks’s law. Thats because every new member to the team need to be intruduced. He needs to know which technology is used and how it’s used. Maybe he don’t worked with that technology at all or at least not for a long time.

Also he does not know the terms used in the project or the special rules that that team made for the code. But he needs to learn them all or his help is not usefull at all.

Another Problem is, that not everybody can do everything. IT is one of the most rapidly expanding fields in the current economy and science. There are specialist for AI, Networking, Security, graphics rendering and testing. Yes, there are people who are getting paid to point at their colleagues and say: “You did something wrong”. Okay, to be honest, the second thing my prof says was that you can’t write code without creating bugs.

But my point is, a specialist in AI can program a rendering engine, as well as a painter, can create a statue. He knows the basics but that’s it.

The first time I really thought about it, was when I played PUBG with some friends and one of them complained, that Bluehole puplished another map but didn’t fixed all the bugs they had.

Graphic designers and performance programmers have nothing to do with each other. Okay, the Graphic guys maybe know how they can make their job without harassing the performance much but they have no idea how to optimize code.

So CIG could either throw all their 400+ employees into the pit of server meshing to make it work ASAP and drive their experts in that field into madness because they need to explain it to everyone twice, while they don’t archive anything. Or they just keep it as it is, get us new weapons, ships, planets, and missions every three months while the big features are developed as slowly as it needs to.