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One of the thinks I really like about Star Citizen is that it really trys to create a whole universe, in which are enough game loops to create an imersive

One of the things I really like about Star Citizen is the amount of game loops that work together. For example: When you mine resources (1), you need a stable transportation (2) for your ores. But because there is also a game loop for pirates (3), is there also a need for protection (4).

Then there is the day and your transport full of newly mined diamonds gets attacked. In the heat of the battle you’re losing two hornets and a Cutlass Black suffers major damage. In your support group is also a Cutlass Red, which takes care of the injured (5) and a Reclaimer that salvages the remaining of the battle (6).

Now we get to the new game loop: The ARGO SRV comes in and saves the day of the Cutlass Black pilot by dragging his nearly destroyed ship back to the home port of the group (7).

And there are by far more game loops in the verse. But I didn’t start this text to talk about game loops. I wanted to talk about the ARGO SRV which last week was added to the game. I just wrote this to show that I really like this parallel game loops.

But back to topic:

The ARGO SRV is a one person ship, that’s main purpose, it’s to recover other vehicles with its tractor beam (important note: yes there will be other ships with the ability to equip a tractor beam but this ship is made for it).

With this tractor beam and the arm it’s mounted on you get a wide variety of use cases:

  • drag damaged ships or ships that are out of fuel
  • Transport cargo
  • Transport ground vehicles
  • Transport short range fighter into battle

For most of these scenarios there will be a ship better suited, but no one will be able to do them all, which makes this a great ship to supply recovery service as told and supporting a large fleet.

And by the way: I really like these in universe advertising tools like this brochure.

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See you in the verse