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In Chris Roberts imagination, Star Citizen is a game for everyone.

In Chris Roberts imagination, Star Citizen would be a game for everyone. From the casual gamers who just log in from time to time to have their fun to the hardcore player that lives the verse like (or maybe more than) their own lives.
That is already represented in the categories of the organizations, in which the users can show how active they want the organization to be. Better said how active they want the participants to be. 1000 players that are all online for one hour a week are way more active than 10 Players that play 10 hours a day.
Chris even wants the Player to be able to become part of the history of Star Citizen. That they could be the one player who killed the mighty pirate. That pirate could be a unique NPC (special bosses can be killed only once) or even another player. Every player can decide on which side of the law he flys through the stars and that can lead to battles.

But the biggest battles will be fought between Organisations, which are capable of hosting whole fleets.

He compared it with eve online where hundreds of star systems are owned by cooperations completely build by players. These organizations fight each other, but they also trade and negotiate with each other. Many of them have players that are their diplomats to communicate with other organizations to create a contract, that benefits both.

I don’t play EVE myself but I like to read from the stories that happen there. I mean there are very serious topics like the Fountain war or the time when the Judge betrayed his cooperation and destroyed the Circle of Two single-handed by transferring all there money and station to himself or another cooperation. In the biggest battles of those wars are over 5000 players involved and with every ship that gets destroyed the loses increase until, after the battle, sometimes more than 100000$ are lost.

I don’t think that Star Citizen will be able to match those numbers. Just because it can’t have so many players in one place together. EVE has a much more resources friendly game and even it has to slow down time to allow the server to handle that kind of load.

But Star Citizen Organisations will have other Problems on their hands when it comes to battles: They need way more coordination and way more activity because if your fleet is attacked with half of their operators sleeping, they will be destroyed quite easily.

But to the core of my topic: How to manage a fleet. Let’s assume we are a big organization that wants to attack another one. We have our glorious flagship Hypothetical, a Bengal carrier thats supported by two Javelin class destroyer and a few Hammerheads and Polaris’. Because we have to fly a good distance to our enemy we also got two Starfarer and a Crucible that support our fleet. The Hypothetical carries two squadrons of heavy fighters. We also have 3 Avengers that are used to transport personnel between the capital ships mid-flight.

This seems like a lot of people who need to work together to win a fight. You need the online all at the same time and ready to act if an enemy appears. And even if it seems unlogical to fly the complete journey as the whole fleet, if the enemy strikes at the right point it can destroy or capture a capital ship quite easily. But I imagine having a lot of fun just roleplaying such a fleet action. Even if we don’t face an actual enemy.
There are also cases of a fleet thats more realistic and needs an equal amount of players to operate and in hand: a really big mining operation. Big organizations will need to gather the UEC to burn in their activities.
My idea would be to give every fleet an Admiral and every ship a captain as in the real world. But all jobs below that are more flexible:

In my imaginary organization, you’re able to apply for one or multiple jobs. And if you join the fleet, you get a position depending on your job and the given state of the fleet. That means you won’t be placed on the same ship all the times and the Shuttles will have much to do, but it also means that the fleet can always operate all ships that are currently active. Because if everybody was fixed to a ship, some of them wouldn’t be operational and this would be very bad if, for example, the Javelin isn’t ready to fight because the half bridge crew is sleeping.
It results in other advantages too:

  • You ‘re able to see different ships quite quickly
  • If the player count is going down rapidly because everyone goes to sleep, a part of the fleet can get evacuated, to despawn and all people are on full ships again.
    And of course, this does not apply for small ships. You don’t need to hand over your Hornet to another player and fly his Mustang just because he logged in bevor you. This system is for the capital ships, which need 8 or more persons to stay operational.
    I wait to see if CIG sets some mechanics to help with the big organization wars and how the big ships behave when leaving them. But this was my first thought on the management of bigger crew Systems in the verse

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