Living and dying in the verse

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I think that many people like that style of gameplay that Chris Roberts criticized in his Death of a Spaceman post, where your “game auto-saves every 2 seconds and if you die you just start a few steps earlier”. It’s easy to try things, to do epic things.

I wouldn’t try to fly with a plane through a tunnel or driving with over 150 km/h in the inner city. But in GTA V it’s one of the main things I do. To be precise: I once wanted to drive to the other end of map to play a minigame with a friend. After am half hour later we found us on the top of a tower having a Mexican standoff with C4.

My point is we don’t value our digital lives. We would rather die trying to make a great stunt than survive it the boring way. And Chris Robert wants it the other way around. He wants us to value the lives of our characters.

When you fly in the verse and see a fight, you should think

Is it worth to participate?

On the positive side you could go out as a hero that saved an innocent NPC or be the successor of the fight and loot the remains of both sides. But on the other side you could lose not only your ship and cargo but also your live.

But Chris Roberts also understands that it’s not fun to start all over again just because you once made a mistake and took a fight against an opponent to Strong. So he said there are different stages of dying:

  • You get hurt well it is time to get the first aid kit or something similar and repair yourself.
  • Your [please enter body part that’s not core or head] gets between your ship and the landing pad. That’s bad. Your gameplay will reflect that problem: for example, if your leg is destroyed you won’t be able to walk at the same speed as before. But the magic of the future medical equipment can replace your shattered body parts with a replacement.
  • Your live goes to zero. You’re dead. Well more like unconscious. Your body is that damaged that you can’t act on yourself anymore. You will wake up at the next medical facility capable of helping you. But be aware that you’re not an immortal. Your body will eventually not survive too many injuries that heavy.
  • You took it too far. Your body broke down and the god’s in white couldn’t help you anymore. Welcome in the realm of the dead. But you don’t need to start all over again.
  • Your character himself has no real levelling mechanic himself. He is more like a cosmetic. Your money will be spending on your ships and equipment and you’re able to say who will inherit it after your decease (not another player).

This can be seen as an opportunity. You can change your sex, appearances and even your representation. You’re not longer the big Admiral of the UEC (I don’t know if you can acquire UEC ranks) that slayed the Vaduul king or the badass pirate who controlled multiple star systems. You can start again.

But you’re also the successor to that person. His / her son / daughter or a close friend. If you were a pirate, the UEC won’t thrust you, but if you were a law-abiding citizen or even an soldier for the UEC, you can count on them.

You should always remember that Star Citizen shouldn’t just be a game. It should be a simulation. A simulation that show us how our life could be in a few hundreds years. You can acquire so many professions and ways of live in the verse. It shouldn’t be full of tryhards who run thousand times into the same trap in order to make that one cool trick.

There should be players that used days and days to plan an attack that will be so glorious that it will be written down in history. But it should also be a world for players that just want to play then and now if they just want to live in space.

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See you in the verse